A Bad Situation With Cops – Pulled Over

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A Bad Situation With Cops – Pulled Over

Have you ever been in A Bad Situation With Cops – Pulled Over? Have you been pulled over and it all starts going wrong? People get pulled over everyday in this country and the “stop” goes fairly well and you are on you way. Sometimes our emotions and what we thought was right or wrong can dictate the way we interact with the police. Truckers get pulled over on the side of the road every day being we are on the road most of our life. There are times that a trucker is tired and pressed to be somewhere which can create a bad mood. In this podcast we explore A Bad situation – Pulled Over! We talked about how a particular moment when a truck driver was pulled over for “following too close” and how him and the cops dealt with the alleged infraction. 

Knowing our Roles

When we as the motoring public have to deal with different people on a day to day basis, we should know what position we play! There are different levels of authorities in our country and knowing who is in charge and excepting that will go along way. We as professional drivers first and foremost should always be looking for the safest and correct thing to do while on the road. We should also know that being a professional driver does not give us any extra privilege to disregard laws and authorities over the common 4 wheel driver! A police officer has been given authority over the motoring public by the local county or state officials to police our streets and highways. A police officer has the right to ask you to step out of your vehicle if they have pulled you over for an infraction. They also have the right if they suspect something to request a search of you vehicle. If you refuse they have the right to place you in their squad car while they obtain a warrant to reach. Whether I agree with this law or not has nothing to do with who they are and what they have authority over. With that being said these roles have been established by our laws whether we like them or not. Recognizing and excepting these laws is up to the individual but that is also what will determine how your intersections will go with police. 

Right or Wrong You Lose

A Bad Situation with Cops – Pulled Over! Right or Wrong you will lose at least in the short run. What I mean by this is, when you are pulled over on the side of the road in another state by a local cop that has “authority” you will lose that night whether you were right or wrong. Think about this for a second. You are pulled over in some strange town at night on the side of the road and a cop wants to give you a ticket. Now you are in a town where “Uncle Joe” the cop drinks coffee with “Cousin Ted” the judge at “Aunt Betties” family diner every morning. Now you are going to tell that cop the law and how you are going to do things your own way and not comply with that cop? Haha, let me know how that works out the next morning when you find yourself calling me for bail money. Again I did say “whether you are right or wrong”, didn’t I? So remember if you recognize the situation you are in and who is in control it will help you avoid this nightmare!http://www.talkcdl.com

Take it to Court

A Bad Situation with Cops – Pulled Over! So You have been pulled over in a small town like “Backwoods TN” or “MarriedMySister WV” you do have rights. So now you have signed the ticket but not admitted guilt and have not been thrown in their orison camp! You do have rights and can do something. It might sound like a big pain in the but but you can take it to court. Many times especially if the ticket is a bad one you should at the least show up in court and plead your case. As a Class A CDL Driver you can throw yourself on the mercy and ask for at the minimum of a reduction on the ticket. There are major tickets that the DOT deems as a bad ticket and if explained to “Uncle Joe” the judge along with a nice attitude he will reduce the bad ticket from say a “Improper lane change” to maybe a ” Disobeying a traffic signal”. At the very least you just saved your CDL from taking a very bad hit. Now lets say you go all the way to court and they won’t budge and you still end up with the ticket you thought was wrong and now you have time and money invested in this fight. Did you lose? It might seem that way and most would say yes you lost. but I say if you don’t fight it you would never have known if you could have saved yourself from future headache with that bed infraction now on your CDL. So I say you will at least have the peace of mind knowing you did everything you could, so No you did not lose. I will say you have great odds of getting it at least reduced! http://WWW.talkcdl.com

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