Prisoners Become Truckers While Incarcerated

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Prisoners are now getting their Class A CDL while in Prison. Trucking companies are also in return looking into hiring in those places. Companies are desperate to fill their empty rigs and this is the place where competition is low.

Class at prison
Prison Classes

A prison in Ohio has worked out a peculiar deal with a local trucking company. As part of their inmate rehabilitation program, the Richland Correctional Institution offers a Commercial Drivers License Program through which currently incarcerated inmates can earn their class A CDL.

Training Truck
CDL Truck

Upon successful completion of their written exam, participants take part in a 4 week training program offered by Trainco, a local CDL school. Once they’re released from prison, they can choose to sign on with P I & I Motor Express as full-time trainees. During their time as trainees they do short hauls and stay at a local halfway house. Eventually they move on to longer OTR trips, and can then stay with the company or seek employment elsewhere.

Prisons now offer Class A CDL's
Prison facility

These days everyone is trying to do their part and the prison system is no different. By offering programs such as “truck driving” they are helping build  a better country. Prisoners on the outside may have never thought of this career. The goal is to become a trucker and never go back to prison.

Talk-CDL has been speaking about careers in trucking for many years now and is all for this new angle. Troy Austin has said many times that trucking is a lifestyle and not a job. With hope and help these drivers will have an entire new lifestyle. It was not so long ago that prisoners were fed bread and water and chained up together. Nowadays prisons are very different and a variety of programs  have been implemented as jail time moves away from punishment to rehabilitation. Trucking is now part of the solution.