REPLAY: Do Truck Drivers make a Difference, an Impact, or just clog roadways?

The age old question for those who do not understand the trucking industry, is what do truckers really do that makes a difference. We could survive without them right? All they do is transport everything that we need to get from one roadway to another. No biggie right? We could just have a bird deliver that 80,000lb load. OK, so maybe we will need a few birds . You get the point. The age old question is simply stupid to say the least. Yes we do have trains, airplanes and many other ways to transport products in the old US of A. But A train cannot deliver into a mom and pop restaurant, it cannot deliver into a city, a airplane cannot land in a city. I guess we could parachute goods into cities and let people fend for themselves. That would be interesting. Where have you delivered that no other transportation industry asset could reach?