REPLAY: How Dangerous is Sleep Apnea in the Trucking Industry

Sleep Apnea has been a topic discussed the last couple days on TalkCDL, it has come to our attention that many out there in the trucking industry are wrapped up in this term, without fully understanding what it means. You hear how truckers are rejected from a company because they “could” have sleep apnea, and that is simply not accurate. Doctors that provide DOT Physicals are looking out for themselves, some doctors are more skilled, some are more familiar different parts of practicing medicine then others, and not every doctor will have the same opinion. That is why we always hear “I would like another opinion”, now sometimes it is rather cut and dry, but other times it is not, and these doctors have went through A LOT of schooling, studying the human body, to NOT loose their license because some trucker does not want to take a sleep study, just to be safe. Now, if this is a physical done at a company orientation, and a sleep study is required, then guess what. it SHOULD be out the companies pocket, that is only the right thing to do for the company. But you may not have the physical done at a orientation, it may simply be a routine physical, so if you have to shell out the money for a sleep study, and your to cheap to have insurance that will cover it, maybe get better insurance. Sorry, that is the sad truth. Or pay out of pocket, and if the study comes back false, now you have evidence for future employment and not to mention it is your life, and sleep apnea is something you will not know you have until you notice what life is like once your fixed, you will feel more rested at night, you can breath, and overall at less risk of many other conditions that stem off having sleep apnea. 

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