REPLAY: I am a trucker Breaking the Rules, I must be Cool.

Why is it that there is a whole lot of truck drivers out in the industry currently, that just want to be rebels? Why do driver think that everything is out there to suppress them and that some things are in place because of a very specific reason. Truly, It is very simple. SOMEONE DID IT! Yes, it is hard to understand but pre-checks are there because someone FORGOT to lift the landing gear, or never connected hoses. Safety principles are in place because stuff has happened. Does that mean that everyone out there sucks at their jobs? NO! Its a precaution, and if you cannot understand that then you have bigger issues going on in your head. Sorry, that is the truth. Enough crying about this that and the other, life owes you nothing, suck up change, and make it your dinner. Press on. Understand that you have a job, and that job was decided when you got your CDL. Just like many other careers out there, people loose the rights that other have when you place yourself to a standard. Military members LITERALLY loose all rights, and are sworn to a specific oath. Cops, EMT’s, Fire Fighters, Doctors, Teachers, and many other careers place themselves to their own standards. Are you not glad that doctors have to check over charts before doing operations? You know why? Because someone has gotten a liver instead of a lung! Smarten up truckers, and get our good names back. Become a solution, not part of the problem.