REPLAY: TalkCDL debates on 18-20 Years Old’s Legally Trucking

There is a large debate out there if an 18-20 year old should be able to hold a Class A CDL and drive the street and interstates of our great U.S.A. A large group of people believe they are not responsible enough, and do not have near enough experience/skills in driving a motor vehicle. Others believe that if you are able to serve your country and die for it at the age of 17, then you should be able to drive a semi truck, especially if you did so in the military. If 18-20 year olds are able to drive semi-trucks we believe without a doubt there should be training and classes through their high school career. There are plenty of responsible younger drivers out on the road, and men and woman who would take it very serious. So let’s discuss this a bit more, and look at some details. Call us with your opinion at 516-387-1911