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Drive For Freedom
Drive For Freedom

Mission Statement:

The Drive for Freedom Foundation is committed to elevating the image of truck drivers as professionals in their industry by enhancing the culture of their vital role in the world’s economy.

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” –Vince Lombardi

We are friends and fans of trucking for a number of reasons:

  1. Trucks deliver a majority of America & Canada’s consumable merchandise;
  2. Truck drivers work hard to do their jobs and make a decent living; and,
  3. Those involved in the trucking industry share camaraderie second to none.

Our aim with the Drive for Freedom Foundation is to create a true unified spirit within the trucking industry. We strive to improve each others lives and work together to improve trucking on a myriad of levels from the truck stop to corporate dispatch.

 The Drive for Freedom Foundation offers solutions to problems. We strive to reach out to responsible drivers and have them work collectively to correct issues that trouble drivers and their families. We believe working with industry leaders helps create a sustainable environment that is progressive, respectful and profitable for everyone.

Join the proud professionals in the trucking industry and make a difference for the future of American & Canadian Commerce. Visit their Website here.


Truckers Final Mile
Truckers Final Mile

Mission Statement: is a Charity organization that will assist in the immediate travel, lodging, and ground transportation needs of truck drivers and their immediate families. Whether to the truck drivers location or for the driver to travel home in such a case.

Additionally, in the event of loss of drivers life, we will pay the transportation of his/her remains home.

please check out our Facebook page at facebook/ for regular updates.

or visit:

or simply:









tenstreet 625x250

Tenstreet is the largest provider of online driver apps to the trucking industry, serving 800 + trucking companies

Tenstreet has taken over 6 million driver job applications on their ‘Intelliapp’

If you (a driver) have ever had an application auto-populate or pre-populate job application info, you’ve been on a Tenstreet Intelliapp.
Now’s there’s a free Tenstreet App for drivers called Driver Pulse, available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, downloadable to your phone or tablet that lets you!


Lets drivers store a profile of what type job they’re interested in..

Block carriers you don’t want to communicate with anymore

Monitor the status of your application with the carrier through a Progress Bar

Communicate directly with your recruiter through the Driver Pulse


Android Apps:

Trucker Path Pro

Trucker Tools

Iphone Apps:

Trucker Path Pro

Trucker Tools


This is an issue nearly EVERY driver has. WHERE CAN I PARK!!!.. Well here is a list of some locations where you can go ahead and park that rig and not have to worry about getting a ticket. We will also look into some applications for you phones to add on here as well, for you  tech savvy truckers out there.

Great Website References:

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