Trucking-News 15 States to Avoid – Trucker Citations

Trucking-News 15 States to Avoid

Trucking-News 15 States to Avoid – We sat down and read off the top 15 states that rely on ticketing truckers. This is a big part of their revenue and you should know this before crossing their borders! Troy and Ruthann talked about how some states are just looking at truckers because they know trucking companies have deep pockets. Educate yourselves drivers and behave when crossing onto enemy territory. Trucking companies should also make drivers aware of states that have their targets set on the back of big rigs and make sure your drivers are prepared.

Trucking-News 15 states to Avoid

TalkCDL also revealed the top 10 states that truckers receive service violations. Some of these states made both lists, imagine that. Drivers and companies should be making sure their equipment if inspected and ready to travel through these tough states. If not, it can cost you ore then you would have paid in repairs. Money hungry states are getting out of hand when it comes to trucker and trucking companies.

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