Trucking News with Ruthann 1/20/2019

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Trucking News with Ruthann

Trucking News with Ruthann. Are you a trucker that likes to sing? There is a contest going on where you can enter. Thats right, if you like to sing and would like to be heard then tune in to this weeks podcast. There is a Trucker Singing contest that is looking for you! Enter to win by submitting an mp3 of you doing what you do best. This is a good chance to let everyone hear those pipes that you secretly have been using in the shower and only around people you know. Its time to let the world discover that beautiful voice you have been hiding. The winner will get 3 recordings in Nashville Tn. In a edition to the contest, TalkCDL would also gladly have the winner on our show to spotlight their songs. So tune in to find out who is having this contest and how to enter.

Man being Charged in fatal accident

TalkCDL Trucking Podcast

Also a trucker is being charged in a fatal bus accident. Tune in for details.

Trucking News with Ruthann

This week Ruthann talked about anything and everything in trucking. The latest events and contests. She brings the news with that ditzy cute way only Ruthann can get away with. She is an upcoming voice in podcasting and has received rave reviews. Her fan base is growing in the trucking industry as she has a genuine care for truckers and the trucking industry. When she and Troy get together on the sir you never know whats gonna happen.