Bruce Outridge Trucking View

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Bruce Outridge Trucking View

Brude Outridge Trucking View. TalkCDL sat down with a Canadian podcaster and talked about trucking in the US and in Canada. Bruce Outridge from the Led Pedal podcast
is funny and an interesting character. Bruce has been in trucking for sometime and used to run Over the road in The United States Of America and his home country of Canada. Walking us through his trucking career and offering his insights on the ever so demanding trucking industry, you will be sure to enjoy his stories about his career and his views.

TalkCDL and the Led Pedal Podcast

Bruce Outridge Trucking View

Bruce Outridge Trucking View. Troy and Ruthann would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to send TalkCDL mail, pictures, videos and ideas. If you are looking to be on the show please contact us through Facebook at
by sending us your request through the messenger button. If you are going to be in Florida and would like to join us on the show please make it be known and prepare to give us at least a weeks notice so we are prepared for your arrival. Most truck drivers or guests on the show should be prepared to be in Homosassa Springs Fl where we are located. TalkCDL is a nationwide podcast all about trucking and trucking only.

TalkCDL Trucking Podcast

Bruce Outridge ones and operates the Led Pedal Podcast. Troy and Bruce talked about every thing under the sun when it comes to trucking. Did you know there was a recent accident in Canada where a very inexperienced trucker killed 13 people on a bus and injured many more. Bruce had said he thinks the trucker will be getting up to 13 years in prison for this tragic accident. In my opinion this guy should get life for this many deaths. Apparently the trucker had said a tarp had come lose and while he was trying to keep an eye on it he ran a stop sign hitting the loaded bus. Why couldn’t he just have pulled over and fixed the tarp upon noticing it was lose? It just don’t make sense to me.