Chic Truckers Declining Numbers – Women on the Road!

Women in Trucking Numbers are declining. Many women are wanting to become truck drivers for a living. Is it safe? What should a woman do to protect herself while on the road.  What are the statistics on women truck drivers. Kelly McCulley from the the only lady truckers page has been driving for many years pulling…

Weird Crap In Trucking – Trucking Stowaways and More

Interview with The Only Lady Trucker Kelly Mcculley

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Ruthann and Troy met up with kelly Mcculley and her husband Kevin at the Pilot Truck Stop in Wildwood FL for an interview and a Live Video on Facebook. They talked about everything from teaming to Flatbed to Marriage. Join TalkCDL as we interview The Only Lady Trucker Kelly Mcculley.

Do You Do Hair Follicles for Drug Screen? Dumb Question!

Many Trucking companies have told TalkCDL that they have an alarming amount of drivers calling in with a concern of whether they test for drugs using hair samples. Hair samples go back and detect drug use for years prior to the test compared to the standard urine test most carriers use. Is this a proper…

Abnormal and Exotic Trucking Jobs!

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Have you ever thought of doing something different in trucking. Ever wondered what it would be like to be the trucker for Dale Earnhardt Jr.? Join Troy and Acid while they talk about truckings odd jobs.   TalkCDL is a weekly podcast set to air fridays at 5am. We talk about trucking and trucking only...…

Lies & Half Truths in Trucking – The checks in the mail and you will get home every weekend!

Truckers have to deal with everyone in Trucking. The dispatcher does not deal with everyone, Safety does not deal with everyone, The shipper does not deal with everyone, the receiver doesn't either. The Truck driver has to on a dat to day basis interact with everyone that pertains to trucking. So when everyone lies and…

TalkCDL Old School! Semi Truck Driver Stories with illegal immigrants being smuggled

  It sucks when you are living in a country like Mexico and you are willing to be locked in the back of a semi trailer and smuggled into the United States. It would suck even more if no one opened that trailer in the extreme heat of the south and you and a bunch…

Riders – Traveling companions are good! – Passengers

  Do you have a companion in the truck with you? If not you might consider the advantages of traveling with another, especially the one you love. Trucking as a family has its advantages and disadvantages. Tune in and set right back while TalkCDL discusses some of the more funny and annoying things about traveling…

Sleazy Driver Recruiters!

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  Drivers, have you ever been lied to by a recruiter? Have you been promised one thing only to find out after you left your job that you were not getting what your recruiter promised? Truck Driver Recruiters have the same reputation as used car salesmen. But there are some that are honest. Its just…

Rock Throwing Douchebags and more… More Dangers every day for motorists

  NOTE: When done reading the article click the "Play Button"below  to hear the show for Free!    More and more pranksters are throwing objects from bridges at motor vehicles. Risking lives and damaging Beautiful Semis and cars that people have worked hard at to buy. Just this year a man in IL was killed…

2nd Amendment Truckers – Should Truckers be Packing?

A Truckers right to carry is taken serious by many drivers. When on the road truckers become targets in strange places. Can you carry a weapon legally? If you are going to deliver the most important load which is your ass to your home to see you family then you better be ready for any…

Choosing the right Trucking Company is a pain in the ass!

Finding the right trucking job  is more of a pain in the ass than anything when it comes to finding what you need. Some drivers like big carriers because of the opportunities they offer and bigger companies offer more security. Some drivers like small carriers. They are more personal and normally have faster Trucks. Plus…