CDLLife says “TalkCDL: Straight Talk On Trucking”



CDLLife says “TalkCDL: Straight Talk On Trucking”


TalkCDL has had the honor of being recognized by one what we consider to be the most well-known, and informative Trucking Industry Media platforms on the internet. CDLLife has written a  piece about us on their blog where they stated:

“We’ve recently discovered an excellent new radio show that takes a straight-shooting view on all of the biggest topics in the trucking industry — TalkCDL.”

“The guys get real on topics like regulation changes, safety issues, and traffic crashes. The show is designed to provide valuable information and a sense of community for veteran drivers and rookie drivers alike.”

There is not much for us to say because we are at a loss of words,  we are officially 2 months, and 53 episodes into our trucker internet radio station, and we have had a world of support from the truckers out on the road tuning in, as well as the foundations we are a part of, and our wonderful sponsors. But you see, TalkCDL has written about others, and we mention CDLLife in previous episodes but now they have mentioned us, and we want them to know, we appreciate their support. We hope that all of our listens do the same by heading over to CDLlife by clicking here.

You can view the whole article about TalkCDL from CDLLife by clicking here