Trucking News Weekly with Ruthann

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Trucking News with Ruthann is filled with Trucking Stories every week. This week a burning Trailer that was stolen. Driver gets arrested, Smuggling illegals in a semi truck and an update on the Canadian hockey team that was killed by a trucker.   One reason, experts say, is that entering the United States from Mexico…
Semi Truck Cameras

Cameras – Phone Interview – Inward Facing Cameras in Semi trucks

  Cameras inside Big Rigs Phone Interview about Inward Facing Cameras in Semi Trucks are raising concern with drivers. Truckers are wondering if their privacy is gone completely. Just the way E.L.D.s have swarmed onto the scene of trucking. It almost seems like Cameras could be the norm.   Truck fleets are increasingly deploying in-cab…

Truckers Blocked by Protesters/Live-trucking – Serial Killers OTR

Truckers dealing with protesters. This Saturday July 7th a protest is planned in the city of Chicago. The demonstration is about gun violence. It is scheduled to start in the morning and last a few hours. Rev. Michael Pfleger and hundreds of anti-violence activists plan to shut down a portion of the Dan Ryan Expressway…
Truckers Carrying

Shoots Trucker Shoots Gun Car – TalkCDL weekly wrap up/

A Trucker Shoots Gun at Car is the headline news on this weeks wrap up with Ruthann! Should truck drivers carry a weapon in a semi truck? Listen in while Troy and Ruthann break down what went wrong when a Georgia trucker got into an altercation with another driver in Virginia. Which resulted in shots…

Protecting Your CDL from tickets – Moving Violations

Protecting Your Class A CDL is something that many driver never take into consideration when out on the road. There are many  violations that a trucker can get that will sideline his/her career for many years. Even small tickets if too many will hurt a drivers MVR. TalkCDL recently sat down and discussed what is…

Weekly Wrap Up With Ruthann – Embezzlement & Trucking News

Weekly Wrap up with Ruthann. This week features a big shot who is going to prison for embezzlement at a large trucking company. Plus the rule of D.O.T. Medical cards, do we still have to carry them or did the F.M.C.S.A. get it together for the new system and rules? Woman in Trucking and statistics.…

Weekly Wrap – 6-10-2018 All News All Trucking – TalkCDL

Wrapping up a week in Trucking 6-18-2018. News of all things Trucking. A trucker murder dubbed Boney and Clyde by Miss Ruthann and Sling Shot Sally, A Trucker that was shooting a sling shot at 4 wheelers until he got caught and now has bail set at 2 million dollars. Also, do you know a…

TalkCDL reviews the new rule in Trucking.

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NEWS, WRECKS AND INDUSTRY CHANGES! TalkCDL reviews the last week inTrucking. Join us as we discuss all things Trucking. FMCSA  just started a new rule concerning the "Hours of Service" for Personal Conveyance! What are the new rules and are they helping drivers or hurting them?

Trucking News, Wrecks and Industry Changes with TalkCDL!

  Join us as TalkCDL discusses the last week of events in Trucking. This week consists of Teenage Truckers. Should kids straight out of high school be playing the OTR driver? Join us as we break it down. Also, do truckers make good protesters?   Source: Overdriver TalkCDL-Facebook TalkCDL weekly wrap-up consists of all past…

Big Daddy and Trucker Home Time!

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Drivers go home anywhere from 1 week on the road up to 3 months on the road. Thats right, some truck drivers don't go home but every couple of months. How is "Home Time" at your house? Is it peaceful? Is it rowdy? Some drivers do and some drivers don't look forward to coming home.…