Tanker Driver Killed on I-985

Tanker Driver Killed, yet again for no reason.

Tanker Driver Killed Tanker Driver Killed on I-985 and we cannot help but think that as we read through the news and see all these different accidents involving Class A CDL trucks, or even Class B CDL trucks, it is hard not to see a common denominator. What is common through all these accidents throughtout the beautiful land of the USA? Well, it is simple. Each incident involves a human being which is prone to make a mistake. We are not trying to blame 4wheelers and we are not trying to blame the big rig driver either, when push comes to shove, it is human error on either end that brings these events to pass. Sadly, most of these events lead to the loss of someones life, and in hopes to make all the drivers out there stay vigilant, we present these accidents out to you. We also hope that if you see any accidents out there that you will send us an image and let us know where, when , and how (if you know) so that we can share it with everyone else in hope so provide awareness.

In this accident we have a Tanker Driver Killed by hitting a bridge pillar, which caused him to turn over and catch into flames. The driver was projected from, what looks to be a Freighliner and killed immediately. Which is probably the best case scenario for him since he would have most likely burned alive if he was not projected. A 4wheeler had told the police the tanker passed them a few miles prior to the bridge. This 4wheeler was traveling at 75mph, so most likely the tanker was in a hurry.

So why did I say “yet again for no reason”. Simple. This driver most likely lost his life because he was traveling to fast for the weight of his trailer, he was loaded with concrete, and the road had a slight bend to it. Driver please, think safety out on the roads. We hate to loose any of our brother truckers out there just because they where trying to meet a deadline.

You can read the news report at MS NEWS NOW.