Trainers for Trucking – Males training females Bad Idea

Driver Trainers Take Heed!

Male trainers training females is a hot topic in trucking. Carriers have to balance out the way they handle Men training women and vise versa. Recently a trucking company was sued by a group of women for the rights to be trained by men. Ultimately after they had won their suit, a female driver has claimed a big sexual harassment suit. So how can this be fixed? Can men and women co exist in a small quarters like a semi truck for a month at a time and keep it professional?

Join TalkCDL as we get down to the nitty gritty on this subject. Plus, what are traffic laws made for. How can knowing and practicing the traffic laws make you get along better on the road. Are laws really designed to make us safer while on Americas roads and highways? Troy and Ruthann sat down to discuss these topics and along the way a tiny little fight broke out on the air. Tune in and see how that faired our also and much much more about Trucking on this weeks Podcast and as always we are only about trucking on this show.

Bad wreck with a semi-trainers

If trainers are going to train the opposite sex maybe trainers should go through extensive training about harassment and any thing that can bring trouble to them or their carriers. Compliments, harsh words or anything that could be misconstrued into an unwanted advance!

Accidents in towns –

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Knowing traffic laws is a must for truckers!

The Trucking industry is always evolving. Learning the rules of the road is essential to becoming a Million Mile Safe driver. Without knowing the rules of traffic on the interstates, towns and country roads it is only a matter of time before you are in a situation that ends bad. Join us for this episode!