Captain of your Ship – What Truckers SHould KNow

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Captain of the Ship

Captain of the Ship if what you are. I cant believe that drivers are actually asking if they have the right to refuse a load in bad or dangerous weather. The fact of the matter is most truck drivers do not know what their rights are. Some are under the impression that because they are employees they have to do everything a trucking company tells them. Some few for their jobs so they will never question anything they are told to do. So in this podcast we explored the question of whether a driver has the right to refuse a load in bad weather.

Is there a law that protects Truckers?

Captain of the Ship

Captain of the ship or employee under orders? There is a law that clearly defines whether a carrier can punish or fire a truck driver for refusing to drive in conditions that they feel are a danger to their lives. This law is called the “Surface Transportation Assistance Act” or the STAA!
Under this act your rights are clearly written. A Trucker is under no obligation to risk his or her life for any load ever. Do not let your dispatcher ever tell you that you can be fired or have any money docked if you dont deliver the load in bad weather. Truck drivers are hard working men and women and are not always informed correctly. If a dispatcher is trying to get you to take the road, refer to the
and tell him or her to read it and follow it. You can also call your safety department and inform them to what is going on. You should never receive any mis treatment or repercussion for the refusal of a load in dangerous conditions.

Flattery and Promises are also bullying

Captain Drive!

When carrier tries to provoke you buy asking favors or promising you a bonus of you deliver the load that is during a dangerous road time, it os considered also a form of forcing you to drive. Driving a semi truck should always be based on your confidence and ability to get the load there. If you have doubt then you should be parked, Period!

You Are The Captain Period

When you start the motor of that truck every day you should be doing it with confidence. As the driver of the semi truck, you should always be sure that you can get the job ahead of you for the day DONE! Driving a truck unsure of your ability is a recipe for disaster. When driving in weather you feel is beyond your skill you should be looking for a safe haven. Drivers that are behind the wheel with a lack of confidence are just waiting for an accident. Truckers that understand what they are capable of doing are more apt to make it home safe to their family without ever having a wreck. Bad conditions, Mountainous driving, City driving, Nightly driving and many other situations play a part in a truckers life. These conditions are conditions trucks face every day. Driving at night for example is for drivers that have conditioned themselves to have the ability to stay awake while most people are sleeping. A trucker should not be driving if they get fatigued too east at these times. Driving on steep mountains is another example of abilities drivers should be sure of . Remember you are the captain of the ship and should know you ability to face all conditions that truckers must face. Captain of the Ship – What Truckers Should Know!