Fight Over Truckers Dog

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Fight Over Truckers Dog

Fight over Truckers Dog. Recently a post was made on a popular trucking page. It created all kinds of arguments. A trucker took a picture of another truckers dog that was tied to a semi at a truck stop. The post maker went on to say that the trucker was wrong for tying his dog to his rig while he went into the truck stop for a shower. This post was agreed and disagreed by many, in fact the crowd seemed to be about equally divided to wether the driver should have tied the dog to a tree or maybe just walked the dog and then put him back in the cab. Many were also saying that people should mind their own business and that caused even more fighting amongst the crowd of bloggers.

Was the driver right or wrong?

The argument continued when TalkCDL’s Troy Austin asked his co-host Ruthann what she had thought of a trucker tying his dog to his rig while he used the truck stop for a shower? She was in disagreement with the trucker because she does not believe in tying the dog outside. This is not what caused an argument on the famed podcast. What happened was Ruthann made the statement that she would have approached the driver. Well that as you know will always open a can of worms with Troy. Right away Troy came back with, “well then you would have been in a fight with that driver” and of course Ruthann got defensive and started yelling at poor Troy about how it is possible to approach a person with something negative and not be aggressive. Well Troy being the smart and savvy guy he is defended himself in a manner that might have made Ruthann feel like she had to posture up and fight even harder with an innocent man like Troy. So with that being said she went on the attack in a brutal way ripping into her husband like a black widow eating her mate. Troy being the gentlemen that he is, gently tried to persuade this violent shock jock of a wife that she was wrong about the way she would handle things. Of course this made Ruthann furious and she continued her assault on the humble host.

Fight with No Ending

Fight Over Truckers Dog. When these two get together and fight, it might seem like there is no end in sight to the disagreement but there is hope! Ruthann being the way she is and Troy being a very level headed thinking man. It turns out a trucker can tie his dog up and it is still considered humane. In the end they agreed to disagree. Troy being a guy that really loves his wife no matter how much abuse he takes. He believes that his love will conquer her psycho personality and in the end she will come in to agreement with him.

Dog in Semi Truck

TalkCDL would like to thank everyone for all the kind emails. We invite anyone in the trucking industry to join us in an interview via phone or a trip to Florida to join us in the studio. Please keep sending the video in and the pictures.