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Pre-Trip It or Be Screwed

Truck drivers every day are forced to look at the clock as they race time to make money. When starting your day with a limited set of hours to work it sometimes can be tempting to skip the “Pre-Trip inspection”. This can result in a deadly decision as equipment can and does malfunction and break down. The reason for the pre-trip is to catch possibles dangers that can be lurking ahead. Truckers many times will avoid these short checks to just get down the road being they are paid by every mile they turn. Many drivers have said “I can’t afford to do a pre-trip every day, after all that ads up to almost 3 hours for the week. A truck driver is given 14 hours to work 11 hours. That means if a driver does a 30 minute pre-trip each day, it is counted against his 11 hours he is allowed to work. It also means more importantly it takes away from his “drive time” which of course takes away from his bottom line.

You Can’t Afford Not To Pre-Trip it!

Some truckers will tell you they can’t afford to do a 30 minute inspection every day. But the truth is you can’t afford not to do it, Pre-Trip it or Be Screwed. Thats right, this entire story started with a driver that failed to pre-trip his vehicle and later on admitted to knowing his brakes were not good. He also from the sound of it thought maybe he just did not have the time nor could he afford to do a pre-trip inspection being it would take time away from his driving. But the fact is he is now going to be out of a job and possibly a career. If proven guilty of all his charges he most likely will not find a carrier to hire him thus ending a career. He also could face prison time which will result in more hurdles to ever get hired once released. Trucking is no joke and the authorities are taking it more and more serious. As truckers in the industry we owe it to ourselves and the motoring public to inspect these enormous size vehicles that ultimately can cause more distraction than the average 4 wheeler on the road. We owe it to everyone around us to have the peace of mind that our vehicles are safe as far as our latest inspection should indicate.

Judge a Trucking Company by Their Trucks

When looking for a new trucking job, you can look at a trucking companies trucks and know good or bad. Im not saying that old trucks indicate a bad company, after all look at roadway, their trucks are 15 to 20 years old sometimes. Im talking about the condition their rigs are in. If a trucking company has trucks with bald tires, leaky motors and seals, you should think twice about working there. If they are well maintained and in great working condition then it is most likely a company that takes care of their business. Companies like Roadway and others that utilize older equipment are great companies to work for when they are about the business of making sure they have a well kept company which include their equipment and they are compliant with their drivers too. So before you hire on with a trucking company you might want to Pre-Trip It or Be Screwed.

Pre-Trip it or Be Screwed - Trucking
Pre-Trip It

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