Trucking-News with Ruthann – Drug Smuggling, Autonomous Braking

Trucking-News with Ruthann Trucking-News this week involves Inspections, Crash ratings, Woman of the year and Autonomous Braking Systems. Also drug smuggling is not worth the time you will do. Ruthann puts her spin on the latest news in the Trucking Industry while putting up with Troy. The science behind automatic braking From fiddling with the…
Danger-Zone Deadly Roads

Danger-Zone Most Dangerous Roads in America

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Danger-Zone Most Dangerous Roads Danger-Zone is the title of this weeks pod. Ruthann explores Americas most dangerous roads. Is your state in the rankings? We talk about where most people run risk of being killed just by being on these roads. Danger is every where if you are on this list Although the consistent, unchanging…

Podcaster Trucking’s Johnny Acid Unchained – Trucking Podcasts

Podcaster, Trucking's very own Johnny Acid sat down in the studio this week a basically talked allot of crap. Johnny ran his mouth about other podcasts and he wasn't shy about his words! But he is a podcaster and he might just be the worst!   Whats up with all these Trucking Podcasts? We encourage…

Trucking News Weekly with Ruthann

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Trucking News with Ruthann is filled with Trucking Stories every week. This week a burning Trailer that was stolen. Driver gets arrested, Smuggling illegals in a semi truck and an update on the Canadian hockey team that was killed by a trucker.   One reason, experts say, is that entering the United States from Mexico…
Semi Truck Cameras

Cameras – Phone Interview – Inward Facing Cameras in Semi trucks

  Cameras inside Big Rigs Phone Interview about Inward Facing Cameras in Semi Trucks are raising concern with drivers. Truckers are wondering if their privacy is gone completely. Just the way E.L.D.s have swarmed onto the scene of trucking. It almost seems like Cameras could be the norm.   Truck fleets are increasingly deploying in-cab…
Trucking News

Trucking News – Weekly Wrap Up with Ruthann 7-7-2018

Trucking News and the weekly wrap up with Ruthann. This week Inspections are hitting drivers in a different way. Now that E-logs have come on the scene there is less violations. Therefore DOT is having to find new ways to fine Truckers. Doing a Pre-trip and a post trip will help drivers avoid new…

Protecting Your CDL from tickets – Moving Violations

Protecting Your Class A CDL is something that many driver never take into consideration when out on the road. There are many ┬áviolations that a trucker can get that will sideline his/her career for many years. Even small tickets if too many will hurt a drivers MVR. TalkCDL recently sat down and discussed what is…

Weekly Wrap Up With Ruthann – Embezzlement & Trucking News

Weekly Wrap up with Ruthann. This week features a big shot who is going to prison for embezzlement at a large trucking company. Plus the rule of D.O.T. Medical cards, do we still have to carry them or did the F.M.C.S.A. get it together for the new system and rules? Woman in Trucking and statistics.…

WEEKLY wrap Up with Ruthann! – Whats Happening In Trucking

Weekly Wrap Up with Ruthann. This week New Pilot Truck Stops, A Solved Murder decades old and DOT on the hunt! Join Ruthann and Troy as they break down the things that happened this past week in the Trucking world From Wrecks, to Driver Shortages to DOT inspections, Ruthann is covering it all on her…

Trucking News, Wrecks and Industry Changes with TalkCDL!

  Join us as TalkCDL discusses the last week of events in Trucking. This week consists of Teenage Truckers. Should kids straight out of high school be playing the OTR driver? Join us as we break it down. Also, do truckers make good protesters?   Source: Overdriver TalkCDL-Facebook TalkCDL weekly wrap-up consists of all past…

5/13 Last Week – A week of trucking in a pod!

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Recieve Show Notices, Automatically be added to Prize Drawing, and More     5/13 week in review, all Trucking Look Back. From Werner lawsuit to drivers following their GPS till they crash... Check out what happen last week TalkCDL style! Werner Lawsuit GPS blamed for trucker wrecking Drivers need common sense CB radio can and will save your life Accident statistic released by FMCSA…

Where would you go?

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Truckers are often in new and exciting places but do they go back when they find a place they really like? Does a trucker ever fall in love with a place and return and buy land there? Does he ever go back to a place for vacation once has been thru there for a brief…