Heart Attack on the Road – The Chelsee Interview

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Chelsee in Pink

Heart Attack on the Road – The Chelsee Interview. You can find her on Facebook at http://bit.ly/Meetchelsee 
She is a new driver in the industry but not new to trucking. Chelsee has been working for RTI for some time now as a recruiter. She got the itch to start driving and did what any young lady that wants to command a semi did, she got her Class A CDL. She started driving towards the end of 2018 with her boyfriend as a team. She said in the interview that there is nothing like it and it sounds like this girl loves the road. Her truck was special ordered by her company as you will see in some of the pics. A pink 780 Volvo https://www.volvotrucks.us/trucks/vnr/
and she is traveling in style! If you see her on the road go ahead and honk your horn and tell her you seen her first on http://www.talkcdl.com
and make sure you buy her and her other half a cup of coffee and get a selfie haha!

Heart Attack on the Road

Chelsee and her Man!

Heart Attack on the Road – What would you do if someone traveling with you was having a heart attack? Well thats what happen to this ultra strong young new female driver. Her companion and best friend was having a heart attack as she was driving down the road. Thats right, less than 2 months experience and she is dealing with something that most drivers will Neve have to do. Her man was in trouble and she was about to take over. She stopped what she was doing and was about to take her new semi to the nearest hospital in Pennsylvania. Chelsee would get him to the hospital on time so he can get the 6 bypass heart operation he received that night! Imagine the terror she must have felt but Chelsee looked terror in the eyes and kept going. By the grace of God this story worked out and both are doing fine today. He is home from the hospital after weeks in PA. Recovery is never a pleasant event but it sounds like he will fully get there.

Back in the office

In our interview Chelsee revealed that she was not going back on the road at this time. Her feeling are, she just cant leave him alone while she is out there doing what they dreamed of doing together. So for now Chelsee is back in the office recruiting truck drivers again. If you are in the market for a good job pick up the phone and call Chelsee at River Side Transport http://riversidetransport.com 

hit her up at 800.963.3363 and tell her TalkCDL sent you. Chelsee also revealed to us that she is thinking about starting a tax business for truckers. She has a degree in that field and would like to utilize it and somehow stay inn trucking in whatever she does. Check out the interview on iTunes in the podcast section. http://talkcdl.com/fight-over-truckers-dog/