Long Haul Banditz INterview

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Long Haul Banditz
Long Haul Banditz

Long Haul Banditz interview. We sat down with the President Sancho Gonzalez and VP Grumpy of the Long Haul Banitz to chat. Who are the Long Haul Banditz? They are a group of men and woman that are trying to reestablish the “Old School” Trucker mentality. The Brotherhood of trucking if you will. This group is on a mission and it doesn’t look like they will let anything get In their way! They believe in honor and respect! Grumpy said you got to give respect to get respect. Recently the Banditz showed up at a truck stop as part as their mission. They didn’t show up to pass out literature or to protest and make waves. No, instead they showed up armed with trash bags and a great attitude of leading by example. Thats right, including the president of the organization Sancho himself picking up trash. Sancho was filmed picking up “trucker bombs” AKA piss bottles thrown out of semi trucks parked in the lot. This group is trying to change the trucking mentality one mind and one place at a time and its working.


Mission Statement

Long Haul Banditz have a mission statement. This statement is like a code or a way of life. They suggest if you want to join the Banditz, to just read the statement. Then read it again and if you agree with the statement you are a Long Haul Bandit. Here is a copy of the mission statement.

“Long Haulin’ Banditz (aka LHB) is a brotherhood of truckers created by President Sancho in 2016. The LHB Logo was created by President Sancho to be the symbol of the Old Skool Brotherhood Resurrection.

LHB’s mission is to re-establish the old school trucker mentality while providing owner operators the ability to expand their businesses.

Too many brothers and sisters are trapped in dead-end deals that are highly orchestrated by crooked carriers, brokers, dealerships, and insurance companies.

Together we will re-establish the respect and honor that has nearly been lost to the ages. We encourage drivers to help one another, rather than tear each other down. The LHB Brotherhood holds ourselves to the highest standards and will be the drivers that others aspire to be.” https://www.longhaulbandit.com/#mission

Who Can Be A Bandit

The answer is simple. Anyone can be a Long Haul Bandit. If you believe in the mission and you want to live the life, then you are a Long Haul Banditz. You dont have to be Over the road or even a trucker to be a Bandit. If you are willing to stop and give a trucker thats broke down a water or to even just check on him, then you are a bandit. If you practice good and safe driving around semi trucks then you are a bandit. Sancho told us in the interview “If you are going to throw garbage out your window at a truck stop. If you park in the fuel island and stay there for extended periods because your too lazy to park. Just take the Long Haul Banditz shirt off and throw it away. If you stop believing in the mission, just politely burn your shirt and be on your way.

Long Haul Banditz
Long Haul Banditz

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