Ron Pratt – Wrecker King – the Interview

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Ron Pratt – The Wrecker King

Ron Pratt – The Wrecker King. We sat down with Ron Pratt and talked about how he has picked up hundreds if not thousands of semi trucks. When a tractor trailer rolls over in Missouri, the authorities call men like Ron Pratt to bring out their big wreckers and flip the rig back up on 18 wheels. Ron has been flipping trucks over since he was a little boy. He started working as a young boy sweeping his mom and dads garage. As he worked around the shop Ron caught the bug. The bug of heavy equipment and playing with the big toys. Ron learned and studied every chance he got about anything and everything when it came to wreckers. Ron not only does his job very well but he also loves doing what he does. Its not really a job when you love your day this much. Ron said there is never a dull moment at his job.

Technical and Saftey

Its called “uprighting”. The art of turning a Big Rig over can get technical. If you have watched any of Rons videos on his Youtube channel, you know he takes his job serious. When Ron arrives on the scene he not only puts safety first but he assesses the situation like an engineer. Making sure of every angle and possible danger Ron makes this job look like a surgeon approaching a delicate operation. Every thing has to be taken account. One mistake could cause more damage and even worse injure or even kill someone.

You Name It and Ron has Flipped It

From little 4 wheeled vehicles to Oversize Tractor Trailers Ron has had the pleasure in uprighting these vehicles. When a Rolled Grain, Flatbed, Reefer, Dry Van or Tanker is in need of some heavy duty help, Ron Pratt is the Wrecker King”. From one ton vehicles to forty plus tons, Ron and his 50 ton rotator can get the job done.

Ron Pratt Youtube Channel

Ron has become an internet sensation on Youtube with 180,000 plus followers. People seem to be mesmerized with heavy duty wreckers flipping rolled over vehicles. Check Ron out in the above mentioned link.