Trucking News – 7 Killed 2 Semis Two 4 Wheelers

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Trucking News

Trucking News – 7 Killed Two 4 Wheelers. This week in the news a terrible accident outside of Gainesville Fl. Reactions on all the blogs have been divided. Some are saying the truck driver is at fault and I would caution those people that unless they are witness to the accident don’t rush to judgement. There is a recreation of the accident on¬†

and it shows the rig making a hard left turn int o a car which then goes across the medium. Semi trucks don’t just swerve that hard to the left going down an interstate for no reason. There are many circumstances that could have caused the swerve. The front tire could have blown. If a big rig blows a front tire the truck will automatically want to pull in the direction of that side of the rig. When a truck is moving at 70mph or more, a blown tire can be a nightmare being it is one of the hardest things to control. This is more common than one would think. I will post a couple of links that will talk about steer tire blow outs on tractor trailers. One other circumstance that could have cause this accident is a medical emergency. Although truckers are under strict rules to have check ups by doctors with in a 2 year span and some even less. Medical emergencies still happen. A trucker or a car driver can have a heart attack, pass out or even a stroke while driving a vehicle. This could have happened from the looks of the accident recreation video on the previous link I have provided.

Another Theory

Trucking News – 7 Killed

Trucking News – 7 Killed and we really don’t know what happened. There are reports that said a 4 wheeler and stopped in front of a semi truck on I75. If this is the case then we should all know that it takes almost 3 football fields to stop a semi truck loaded at 65mph. Thats 900 feet. From the time a trucker sees that he needs to come to an abrupt stop to the time he puts his foot on the brake pedal and compresses it. To the time the brakes actually apply, much tarmac had already passed by. Again we should not rush to judgement when it comes to pointing fingers at who may be at fault. This accident will be investigates for a long time till we find out what the authorities have out together. We may never fully understand it but we should wait till the facts come in. TalkCDL sat down and discussed this entire accident and is asking everyone to just wait till we hear the facts.

7 Killed including 5 Children

We have to keep in mind that 5 children were killed in this accident. May God bless their souls. I can not imagine what their parents are going through right now as they recently received the worse news a parent can get. When a police officer knocks on your door to give you that news or if you hear it from another source it has to be the most shocking thing that has ever entered your ears. So as we try to figure out what has happened we should keep these people in our prayers and hearts as they try and heal from the tragedy that has entered into their lives. Along with the children, two truckers were also killed. As the accident unfolded a southbound trucker was surprised with something that is almost unavoidable. That is when another vehicle shoots across the medium in front of you. Again not judging fault but if you are traveling a 70mph and another vehicle brakes into your lane from the oncoming direction there is almost no human response to avoid the collision if it happens within a second or two. Prayers to all that have been affected by this accident.

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