Dumb Trucker Scammed

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Dumb Trucker Scammed. Truckers that are lonely should think twice before engaging with companions on the internet. This is the story of a trucker that fell for a common scam. There are many scammers that will send you an email claiming to either have money or are in need of someone to rescue them. Its always the same result “Send Money” and usually “lots of money”. I myself have received emails like “Im a prince in Nigeria and am trying to get out of my country” “The problem is I must come alone but have much money that they would confiscate if found” “The money is in the sum of $61,000,000. The only way for me to get it out of the country would be to have a United States Bank Account. Unfortunately I am not able to start an account from this end so here is how your assistance will come in. If I can wire the Sixty One Million Dollars to your account I would pay you 10% of the total amount for your services. I would need you to keep this in the strictest confidence and not reveal this to anyone. As you can see you would stand to make Six million one hundred thousand dollars. So if you are willing to do this we will need to get the paperwork started. In good faith I will need you to wire $5,000 to the Nigerian commission for the processing fee. They are trusted by the people of Nigeria and have a superb reputation. I wish there was another way but as you can see I am in need to escaping my country and do not have access to my own money. – Now this is not an exact scam but there are similar stories out there and believe it or not many fall for them.

Dumb Trucker Scammed

The trucker in this story said he was having marriage problems and was very lonely at the time. Now that right there should be a red flag for anyone out there. Just the thought alone of reaching out to a stranger and in this case a woman which you know that you are not just looking for someone to talk to. When you are married and you are having problems, the last thing you should ever do is consult with the opposite sex or anyone that could have an interest in you for themselves. Imagine if your wife or husband was doing the same thing. You would be mad as a hornet and very hurt. Its all about the loyalty when it comes to these situations. Try remembering the first time you met her and why you fell in love. Never stop chasing her around the couch and flirting with her, trust me this will keep your spice going.

Internet Scam are the worse

So flash forward and here the Dumb Trucker is talking to a woman in of all places “Yemen”. This is where it gets really bizarre. She tells him she is a fighter in the military and the only way she can be released it to get married. I know right, you’re thinking what we were thinking, here it comes. By the way the mark of a good scammer is details. They always have exact details and answers to all the people that question them. So as the story goes she started wooing him with beautiful visions of her coming to america and becoming a trucker with him. Now keep in mind this trucker is still married remember ? So there they are planning her to come to America and marry this trucker and start a small trucking company together. Troy couldn’t stop laughing while reading this.

The end result

Are you ready for the ending? You know it can’t be good, right? So she ends up convincing the Dumb Trucker that she needs like $8500 for a plane ticket and guess what, you got it, he sends her the money. This is not where it ends. The next day he receives a message that she is stuck in Saudi Arabia and get this, she needs another $17,000 for a private plane because of other made up reasons. So of course he sends the money to her. So flash forward to the arrival of her plane in Atlanta, the big embracing moment is about to happen right? Wrong, she is no where to be found and the airport officials inform him he might have been scammed. Again flash forward to the next day when she contacts him again needing more money, Im not making this up. So finally the Dumb Trucker accuses her of spamming him, I mean it only took over twenty thousand dollars for him to think to himself “Is this legit”? Wow, oh and by the way it stills not the end of this story. I saved the best for last. Wait for it haha, he never once ever talked to her on the phone. Thats right never met her and never even talked to her. This was all done on a key board. I mean it could have been some fat slob in Brooklyn NY in a basement routing himself to Yemen and posing as a “Hot” Yemen Freedom Fighter” and by the way the Trucker did say she sent pictures of her full body and he said she was ‘very Beautiful”. Ok now we are at the end. Wish I could talk to his wife just to see the true end results of this story. If you are a trucker or heck if you are just a human breathing air, please don’t fall for anyone that has never met you telling you they want to run away with you, it doesn’t end well. The end.