5/13 Last Week – A week of trucking in a pod!

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  http://faceboo.com/talkcdl     5/13 week in review, all Trucking Look Back. From Werner lawsuit to drivers following their GPS till they crash... Check out what happen last week TalkCDL style! Werner Lawsuit GPS blamed for trucker wrecking Drivers need common sense CB radio can and will save your life Accident statistic released by FMCSA…

A True Story: Interview with Mr. Brownstone – Trucking on Heroin!

TalkCDL sat doen in the studio with, for now will call him Mr. Brownstone. Mr. Brownstone is an Over-The-Road Trucker, that recently failed a DOT Drug Screen for Morphine. We talked about his career as a trucker and how he drove across the country while using Heroin. Mr. Brownstone and his girlfriend partied across America…