Da News Trucker wants his lunch money

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Da News Trucker Wants His Lunch Money

If you are going to sue your company for the lunch hours you did not get paid for, dont show up with only five days worth. Thats right, a trucker sued his company for lunch money for 18 months but brought proof of only five days. Tune in and hear out the case unfolds.

Semi Truck Theft

Da News with Ruthann
Semi Truck Theft

Da News Trucker Wants His Lunch Money

Also in the news, semi truck theft. This year so far semi truck theft s down. This can be attributed with tracking devices and more cautious trucking companies. Last year there was over 800 semi truck trailers stolen In the United States. This year the pace is maybe 600 or less. Will see.



Truckers were you involved in the heist?

When a semi truck or trailer is stolen a trucking company will always look at the first suspect. That being the driver. Its almost like when there is a murder, the police always look at the closest to the murder, pike the husband or the boyfriend. So does a trucking company look to the driver for a possible involvement. If you get fired because you trailer was stolen it could be the end of your trucking career.

How to avoid truck theft

To start with choose well lit areas to park in. Try not to park in a well known high crime area. Try parking where there s a guard on duty or at least where it makes it hard for thieves to steel your rig or trailer. Never leave the keys in the truck. Many times truck drivers have stated that they always leave the keys in the truck when not in it. Besides being lacked stupid you are raising suspicion whether you were involved or not. Never tell anyone what cargo you are hauling. If thieves get wind of any electronic, food or any high dollar loads you may become a target of truck theft.

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