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Trucking News – Driving for the Cartel. Imagine if there was such a job description as a “Cartel Trucker”. What would the qualifications be? Must have great will to not be a rat. Must be willing to do time if caught. If you snitch you will be killed. Must have mean MVR. Must be safe driver. Must be able to remain calm when crossing border. Truckers that actually run drugs are really taking chances beyond what the risk is. I couldn’t even fathom hauling illegal drugs in my rig. I would be sweating the entire trip and might even have a heart attack with it. Just hearing a cop say “You mind if we search your truck”. I would need to be paid millions to do something like that, once and retired. Nah, even for 10 million dollars I wouldn’t.

Gainville Accident

The recent accident in Gainesville Florida was tragic and many lives were lost. The authorities have announced that the blame is going to the north bound truck driver. The driver is said to have made an abrupt swerve taking a car across the medium and killing another trucker. My opinion is a trucker does not just whip his wheel to the left on an interstate on purpose. This to me sounds like either a medical incident or possibly a blown steer tire. A heart attack, stroke or a seizure could be the result of this accident. We will never know apparently because the truck was burned up making it almost impossible to to any further investigation.

Trucking News

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