Ruthann – Interview with Women in Trucking

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Ruthann - Interview with Women in Trucking
Ruthann – Interview with Women in Trucking

Ruthann – Interview with W
“women in Trucking”. Ruthann and Troy sat down with Women in Truckings Deb LeBree to talk about what is going on with the ladies organization. Deb opened up about where Women in Trucking is headed and the events they are attending. She also opened up about how she became a truck driver when no one thought she could do it. Boy were they wrong. Years late she and her husband are trucking across the country as owner operators leased onto Land Star. She is the owner of a 2016 Volvo 780 and sounds like she is doing just fine out there living the life! Pulling a reefer for the first time in years Deb stays out on the road for weeks at a time while attending events such as “Mid American Truck Show” and many more.

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Women in Trucking!

Ruthann – Interview with “Women in Trucking”. As Ruthann and Deb spoke she revealed that she is on image team for the Women in Trucking. She handles much of the social media like Facebook and other parts of the internet. She also handles interviews and all the while being fully supported by her husband. Tune in to TalkCDL’s Podcast Ruthann – Interview with “Women in Trucking”.

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