Trucking Career is better than a college degree

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Trucking Career is better than a College Degree

Trucking is Better than a College Degree. Why do I say that? Think about it for a second. A boy goes into collage and spends about 4 to 8 years there learning. Learning a skill or a profession so that he can make a living at it. There is many reasons to go to collage. Many will take up Business, Engineering or some profession he or she is hoping will make them allot of money. But wait, theres a catch. A collage graduate will in most cases have to pay back mucho money. Thats right a collage grad will spend the next few years paying back heavy loans before he ever starts making big dollars if at all he will make big dollars.

Trucker Schools and Costs

Trucking Career is Better than a Collage Degree

Trucking is better than a College Degree because of a million reasons. Not that this writer is a Trucker himself, which I am but don’t let that sway you haha!. Lets compare the cost of school verses the collage graduate. Most Trucking Schools are going to cost between $5000 and $10,000. That is for the entire start of your career. Compared to most collages which that number would only be for a semester. Thats right for a fraction of what a collage will cost you can get this amazing career. Paying for your Trucking school can be done in half a year compared to many years of trying to pay back a load for your collage degree.


Trucking Career is better than a college degree. Most people go to collage in hopes of having a profession but upon graduation they find themselves in search for a job thats hard to get. On the flip side. If you are a trucker that just graduated, you are getting offers by the dozens to start working. Also, as a trucker your life is. now on the open road. If you are a man that likes the freedom of waking up in a different state with the sun in your eyes, then you are going to love this career. On the flip side, working in an office all day long with other professionals can be a little boring if you are asking this trucker/write! I would not want to be sitting at a desk all day with a bunch of stuffy shirts watching me make them money. I would rather be driving a coffee and talking on the CB to my brothers going down the road.

A million way to mess it up

Trucking Career is better than a College Degree. But don’t mess it up. There are many ways to mess that golden ticket up in your wallet. here are just a few tickets that will screw cup your career if you are a trucker…

  • Too many moving violations
  • One speeding ticket 15 mph over the speed limit
  • following too close
  • Illegal, improper or unsafe lane change
  • DWI, DUI or OUI
  • Reckless or Careless Driving
  • DOT preventable recordable accidents – which involves Towing, Injury or Death

These are just a few so take warning and be careful!

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