Trucking News with Ruthann – Dirty Brokers

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Trucking News – Carl Boudreaux from the CBS show “survivor” has finally been eliminated! Thats right the first trucker to make it on the show will not be the winner of one million dollars. Troy was quoted as saying “maybe Carl had the very first rollover ever on the show” Haha! He also asked if maybe CBS will put Carls termination on his DAC! has been rooting for Carl all along but announced on their Trucking News With Ruthann Podcast that he is gone. Troy then mentioned to Carl that he needs to get back in the truck and take his part back on the road with the rest of us working men LOL!   

Trucking News With Ruthann – Dirty Brokers. Freight Brokers don’t have the best reputation with truckers and here is yet another reason. Brokers are now adding a clause into their contract that allows them to hold pay based on cargo claims. This new fine print is hurting small trucking companies and owner operators when they go to collect their money. Beware of this small print in your contract or you will regret it.


Pennsylvania is asking for Truckers Help!

The state of Pennsylvania has reached out to truck drivers to find out what works when it comes to finding parking space? PA is wanting to know if truckers are utilizing privately owned truck parking lots? This would mean that truckers are now having to pay for their parking space every night. Beware of this gesture being it could catch on country wide and become the normal. A trucker paying for his/her truck parking would be a nightmare. Trucking companies or customers should be responsible for semi trucks to have a place to sit and wait. Truckers are merely the workers in this crazy industry and not a bunch of well off men and woman that should be made to pay for everything!