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Trucking-News with Ruthann

Trucker Attacked!

A Trucker Attacked  while he slept at the T P Gas & Truck Stop in Idaho is recovering from the event. Trucking-News with Ruthann has learned that Amos Phillips in the early morning hours thought he was secured in his locked semi truck. But that was not the case! Phillips recalled that the doors of his 2000  Freight Liner semi truck, were locked as he slept, but an intruder “grabbed hold of the handle and just ripped it open.” After entering through the passenger door, the intruder demanded money.

Amos fought for his life as he resisted the criminal with in his cab. Eventually the robber got away but left Amos in a puddle of his own blood! His son Erik Phillips brought him home to Camdenton. “A few days later, I started having convulsions, or seizures, because of the head trauma,” Amos Phillips said. He spent four days in a hospital in Osage Beach, Missouri. He’s not sure when he’ll be cleared to resume driving. Tune into Trucking-News with Ruthann for more details.

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