Trucking Scares the Public

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Trucking Scares the Public

Trucking Scares the Public because people are uncertain of the power that is running beside them. The average person when asked, does not understand how an 18 wheeler works. All they know is the sound and the presents of a force that big is very frightening! Mix that with the videos and pictures on the internet and its enough to scare anyone. Trucking Scares the Public more than anything on the road. I guess when you are the little guy you can become intimidated real quick. A tractor trailer on average weighs 80,000 pounds and can’t stop on a dime. A fully loaded semi truck takes 3 football fields to stop at 65 mph.

Fear is better than confidence

Trucking Scares the Public

Trucking Scares the Public in more ways than one. Not only does the motoring public fear the semi trucks but it also has a fear of the truckers. Many regular drivers have a general bad opinion of the average trucker. Its unfortunate that we are viewed this way being most professional truck drivers respect and are very safe drivers. The small percent of bad drivers makes the rest of us look bad. Thats right, that old saying one bad apple spoils the whole bunch applies here. Just think how many tractor trailers pass you in a day just on your commute to work and I bet you hardly ever notice or remember them. Trucking Scare the Public. Thats because most are safe and not trying to intimidate you. When an aggressive trucker comes on the scene thats when you notice. Thats when you realize how scary a big rig can be. Best thing you can do when there is an aggressive trucker behind you is move over and let him pass you. Allow him to get on down the road. Pride has killed many people in 4 wheelers. Sometimes we tend to not want to be pushed around even by a big rig. Best thing to do is swallow that pride and live another day.

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Trucking Scares the Public

Trucking Scares the Public. There is another side of the coin that makes truckers look bad. That is aggressive people in car and pick up trucks. Sometime a person in a car can be the aggressor and that is very dangerous. There are many incidents where a small car has cut off a semi truck and then brake checks it. Only to be run over or punted like a football. Also when you tailgate a trucker at high speeds you run the risk of a semi trailer blowing a tire. The steel belts in a semi truck tire can come through a windshield and decapitate ones head.

Trucking Scares the Public

Trucking Scares the Public because they don’t understand it. When you don’t understand how it works then it is easy to fear it. Here is some advice to sharing the road with a semi truck. When Passing a big rig make sure there is nothing holding up the passing lane. Pass as quickly, legally and as safe as you possibly can. Hovering beside a semi truck is very dangerous. These trucks on average are over 70 feet long and have several blind spots. After passing the tractor-trailer do not come directly over in front of him. Make sure you have cleared him with plenty of cushion between you. At 70mph you should have at lease 70 feet between you. That 10 foot per team mph you are going. I personally will not travel in front of a big rig ever excuse of what can happen. Get down the road and get away from the semis period. Don’t ravel to close behind them either, as we mentioned what a tire can do if it explodes. Never try and go around a semi truck when it is backing up. If you are not killed your vehicle is going to be crushed and mangled.

Sharing the road and acting responsible is all most truckers want from you. Most truck drivers are very caring and safe minded people. Most truckers have many friends and family traveling the roads in 4 wheel vehicles so it would only make sense that they are looking out for your safety. Remember when you see an aggressive trucker, you are seeing the one bad apple that you will run across that day. Avoid him and live!

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