Cameras – Phone Interview – Inward Facing Cameras in Semi trucks


Cameras inside Big Rigs

Phone Interview about Inward Facing Cameras in Semi Trucks are raising concern with drivers. Truckers are wondering if their privacy is gone completely. Just the way E.L.D.s have swarmed onto the scene of trucking. It almost seems like Cameras could be the norm.


Semi Camera
Inward Facing Cameras In Rigs

Truck fleets are increasingly deploying in-cab video systems as part of their technological arsenal to increase safety and security. While these systems do generate some privacy concerns, the bottom line is that fleets are seeing improvements in safety, driver training and other areas.

Safety is one thing but are these cameras going too far? Is it possible that someone is watching you when you are sleeping? Could someone at headquarters touch a button late at night for a peek? Could a peeping tom enjoy seeing your wife undressing inside the privacy of the cab? These are legitimate questions and concerns of the American truck driver.

Inward Facing Camera
Onboard Cameras Facing Drivers

How they work

While there are various in-cab video systems available, most work in a similar fashion. The devices typically have a forward lens focused on what is happening outside of the truck and an inside lens that looks at the driver and passenger. The devices also contain an accelerometer that can measure sudden movements such as rapid deceleration or other forces. They record continuously, but only save video if there is an event such as hard braking, sudden deceleration, or an alert from other safety systems. In that case, the devices typically save the video for a certain amount of time before the event (usually 8 to 10 seconds) and for a few seconds after the event.

IS this the future? Will this the next thing the DOT shoves down our throats? Will more drivers leave the industry? Some companies are vowing to not use these devices because of the danger of losing drivers.