Five Trucking Trends Shaping 2019

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Five Trucking Trends

Five Trucking Trends Shaping 2019. We won’t go into exact detail but there are many trends shaping th trucking world. Independent Contractors or Owner Operators is making a strong comeback. At times past the numbers of truck drivers owing their own trucks were at a decline. The industry has done an about face and drivers are investing in their own rigs and trying to cut their own path. Currently if a driver would take the chance at starting his own company his odds are better than ever of succeeding. At one time a trucker was at the mercy of leasing onto a trucking company and depending on the carrier to provide freight for them. Today opportunity is knocking for those that will. Shippers are begging for carriers to haul their freight which opens the door for new and upcoming businesses. If you have decent credit and a couple dollars saved you could be the future owner of the next mega carrier.

Trucking is a Trend

It seems more and more people are entering into the trucking industry. Five Trucking Trends Shaping 2019. Woman and Men both are signing up for the adventure trucking offers. Many are leaving behind that office job that coops them up all day long with a set of eyes over them. Trucking is one of those dreams that can be fulfilled in a matter of a month or so. Obtaining your Class A CDL is easy and offers you the escape you been dreaming of. Many trucking schools like Road Master and All-State Career Truck School turn regular drivers into full fledged truckers. If you have been contemplating this career then pick up the phone and make your move. You are not getting younger.

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