Serial Killer On The Loose – Another Reason For Truckers To Carry Guns – Avoid Tampa FL


If you are an “Over The Road” Truck Driver you should use Extreme Caution when delivering in Tampa FL.

Right now we know that a killer is tied to 4 killings in 5 weeks and the killer does not have a specific Gender, Race, Age or and specific type of person he Kills!

This is yet another reason why Truck Drivers should check their local laws and apply for a "carry permit".

With in the Trucking Industry there has been recent arguments about Truck Drivers and their rights to carry a hand gun in their commercial vehicle. These argument stem from recent Truck Drivers being murdered in such place as Nebraska where a Semi Truck Driver was shot at an intersection after an argument.

In recent articles it appears that there is no federal law that prohibits a truck driver from traveling with his or her “legal weapon”. There are however “state laws” beside the federal laws in place. There are some states that do not have a carry law and it is the truck drivers responsibility to know those local laws and what to do when traveling through those states. Some require the driver to have the gun in a locked box separated from the ammunition when traveling through those  respected states. The majority of the states do have and recognize other states carry permits and allow a driver to travel through armed. Again this is the responsibility of the driver to know all local and federal laws.

There are also rules written by the Trucking Companies whether or not they allow guns to accompany the employees while on the job. One should also know and knowledge the “company rules”.

The Killer

 He has been dubbed the “Seminole Heights Slayer” and he is no joke. The killer has racked up 4 kills in 5 weeks and does not appear to be stopping any time soon.

“The fact that he’s using a gun is an indication that he’s more focused on the act of killing than the process of killing,” said criminologist Scott Bonn, who has spent years studying and interviewing some of the most notorious serial killers.

He said this killer is an anomaly in the world of serial killers. The shootings appear to be impersonal and lack the familiar hallmarks of fantasy or pleasure.

Bonn said He appears to be sending a message: ‘You will recognize me. You will remember me. I am someone to be reckoned with.’”

In the last 5 weeks four people have been killed within a mile of each other: Ronald Felton, 60; Anthony Naiboa, 20; Monica Hoffa, 32; and Benjamin Mitchell, 22.

The Seminole Heights Slayer is the sort of killer who’s especially vexing to law enforcement, and city officials are anxious to get him off the streets.

“We will hunt this person down until we find them,” Mayor Bob Buckhorn said during a Tuesday news conference.

Until the person is caught, everyone is a potential target, including anyone from the local area and those (Truckers, visitors) traveling through. The advice is do not find yourself alone in Tampa, especially at night. The killer is using a gun which means he does not have to be up close to make his next kill.

Anyone with information should call Tampa police at 813-276-3200, or Crime Stoppers at 800-873-TIPS. There is a $41,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for the slayings.
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