Trucker Kills Bystanders – Trucking News w/Ruthann

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trucking News
Trucking News

Trucker Kills Bystanders. Ruthann and Troy sat down to talk about this weeks events in trucking. One of the common themes this week was accidents, accident, accidents. In one case a trucker that had hit and killed a man on the side of an interstate in Pennsylvania last year actually did it again. Thats right a trucker that was traveling on interstate 81 in PA over a year ago hit and killed a stranded motorist. at first you think “well accidents happen” and yes they do but this guy has done the sam thing. So in Ohio in a construction zone recently the same driver clipped a man standing in a construction zone and killed him. The end result? Life time suspension on his CDL.

Trucker Kills Bystanders. Also the driver of a pick up truck for reasons unknown. Stopped and started to back up on an interstate. Unfortunately a driver of a semi truck was coming behind him and had no where to go but into the pick up. Of course the driver of the pick up was killed. No one wishes harm on stupidity but backing you vehicle up on an instate is the wrong thing to do. If you are a driver that misses your exit and you are in a hurry. Stop and think about what the end result can be of an illegal action such as backing up on an interstate. Running down the road to the next exit and being a little late for that important appointment is better then a date with the grave.