Trucking Etiquette & Pet Peeves

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Trucking Etiquette & Pet Peeves

Trucking Etiquette & Pet Peeves. Is trucking etiquette missing from trucking today? What are some pet peeves that drivers have? Recently I read a post on Facebook by a trucker that listed companies that made sense. Are you trucking on the highways today? Do you move over for broke down truckers? That is very much part of Trucking Etiquette! Courtesy towards other drivers on the road shows that you have learned how to be a professional driver.

Knowing how to drive and maneuver a semi truck and trailer does not make you a trucker. A real trucker is a person man or woman that knows how to be courteous and safe around the motoring public. A real trucker goes almost unnoticed by people all day long. Most people on the road don’t really y even notice how many truckers they are around in just a short trip to the store and back. Thats because most truckers are very Courteous ┬áto the point that you are not alarmed of any danger when they are near by.

The obnoxious and inconsiderate driver on the other hand is that one driver that everyone remembers and is talking about. In fact this is the driver that makes real truckers look bad. Recently Ruthann was driving home and witnessed a driver in a semi truck closely tailgating a four wheeler. She said the driver was also cutting in and out of traffic. This again is not only dangerous but gives real truckers that reputation of a dangerous and uncaring group. This needs to stop.

If you are a driver that has no patience when you are running behind there needs to be a change in your attitude. This change is vital if you do not want to become a statistic. Running impatiently down the road is a habit that eventually will end bad. Don’t become a statistic but rather change those driving habit to match those good and professional truckers. This will surely make a better career and life of a driver on the american highways.

Trucking Etiquette & Pet Peeves
Trucking Etiquette