A True Story: Interview with Mr. Brownstone – Trucking on Heroin!

TalkCDL sat doen in the studio with, for now will call him Mr. Brownstone. Mr. Brownstone is an Over-The-Road Trucker, that recently failed a DOT Drug Screen for Morphine. We talked about his career as a trucker and how he drove across the country while using Heroin. Mr. Brownstone and his girlfriend partied across America…

Interview with Jesse Weeks, A Fresh 2 Month Experienced Driver

The first interview had an audio Problem but it has been corrected. We sat down and interviewed a young driver and talked about many things. Join the pod and let us know how we did.Trucking starts with new drivers and Jesse sat down and opened up to TalkCDL and told us everything.   http://Facebook.com/talkcdl  

Weird Crap In Trucking – Trucking Stowaways and More

Lies & Half Truths in Trucking – The checks in the mail and you will get home every weekend!

Truckers have to deal with everyone in Trucking. The dispatcher does not deal with everyone, Safety does not deal with everyone, The shipper does not deal with everyone, the receiver doesn't either. The Truck driver has to on a dat to day basis interact with everyone that pertains to trucking. So when everyone lies and…

On Scene At An Accident!

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What would you do at an accident. Troy and Johnny look at a few examples of accidents and what you should do if involved or if just coming upon the scene. They also looked at what they would do, Oh Boy it might just get a little nutty on this show! http://Facebook.com/Talkcdl