Truckers Unfair Timing – Skid Pad Training

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Truckers Unfair Timing

When a Truck driver graduates from trucking school it is good for the industry. But when a driver graduates at the wrong time of year it could be a downfall to his CDL. When Truckers Unfair Timing happens he could be in danger without even knowing it. What I mean is this. If a trucker starts his career in the winter he is likely to be with a trainer and receive much needed experience driving in adverse weather with someone by his side that can help. If a trucker starts his career in the summer, he does not receive the training he needs and thus will not know what to do come winter

Trucker Unfair Timing
Wrecker pulling semi up

With all the trucks we see turned on their side in not only hazardous conditions, but also dry conditions, it was time to find something to make sure we knew how to handle the truck in the event of a road hazard. Trucker s Unfair Timing is what happens.

Your average semi truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, and are generally somewhere around 70ish feet long. Truck drivers face all different kinds of weather conditions, traffic hazards, and are usually on a time crunch to get their load somewhere by a certain time. Even driving super-slow in adverse weather conditions, there is always a chance this long and heavy truck could lose traction and go into a skid, and there’s even a few different types of skids. Different axles on the trucks can lock up in different combinations, and depending on which ones do, the truck can react differently in each situation.

Just learning how to drive a truck and control it in normal conditions is a lot to learn, so trying to imagine skidding in one of these beasts is pret-ty darn scary. So what does Fox Valley Tech do? They throw us into a skid so we can see what it would feel like, all the while teaching us how to use a focal point, properly brake, clutch, counter steer and react as quickly as possible.