Before You Get Your CDL

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Before Your Get your CDL

Before You Get Your CDL please watch our podcast. Have you really thought about what happens after you get your Class A CDL? Have you really done your research on what the actual job initials? This career or lifestyle as we like to call it, has a job that goes with the fun! Spending time on the road is not exactly a vacation as some may have told you. Traveling is a big part of the job but there is allot of hard work that you will put in if you are going to be successful.

Before You Get Your CDL
Before You Get Your CDL

Being a trucker takes many qualities to have a great long career. For starters a trucker must have stamina! If you are able to drive the amount of miles a trucker needs to cover in one year to earn a big income. You will need to build up your stamina. You will need to have the ability to sit in a seat for 11 plus hours a day and cover some serious miles. A good trucker can drive 120,000 to 150,000 miles per year, thats an average of 2400 to 2900 miles every week after week. Most good truck drivers do this for 20 to 30 years before retiring with millions of miles as a lifetime total.

Have you also thought of the time away from home it takes to be successful? Truckers on average are away from home two weeks at a time and up tot months. Truckers see their families sometime for a couple of days a month and off they go. This part of the career is one of the biggest reasons drivers don’t make it even six months before ending their new venture!

Before You Get your CDL please listen to this podcast. If you have not thought things through you cold be headed for disaster. This is not only a great career but there is a part that requires hard work.