Part 3 National Carriers Interview – A Look Inside Part 3

Join us for Part 3 of our interview with a large trucking company in Irving TX just outside of Dallas. We sat down with a few drivers and just talked. We sat with Rick Ham the director of recruiting and picked his brain a little but mainly we wanted to hear what drivers were saying.…

Part 2 – National Carriers – A Look Inside Part 2

Part 2 of our trip to National Carriers in Irving TX. We sat with a dispatcher and a driver and just talked openly. Join us as we hang out with this large trucking company in Texas.  Trucking Jobs and every thing trucking is what National Carriers is about.

Interview with Jesse Weeks, A Fresh 2 Month Experienced Driver

The first interview had an audio Problem but it has been corrected. We sat down and interviewed a young driver and talked about many things. Join the pod and let us know how we did.Trucking starts with new drivers and Jesse sat down and opened up to TalkCDL and told us everything.  

The Escape – Truckers Need Trucking To Stay Sane!

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Drivers, does Driving Truck help calm your nerves? Do you feel like you are ready to leave soon after coming home for time off? Does trucking help your mind concentrate? If you answered yes to these questions then this podcast is for you. Listen in to Troy explaining what trucking did for his state of…

Drivers Hurting Their Resumes – Truckers With Attitudes!

Drivers have you ever had a hard time getting a job? Did your trucking school swell your head with statements like "Once you get your Class A Cdl everyone will want you" or "All trucking companies will be kissing your ass once you get your license". Many truck drivers every year ruin their CDL just…