Trucking-News with Ruthann – Dumb Criminals

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Trucking-News with Ruthann – Dumb Criminals

Trucking-News with Ruthann – Dumb Criminals is exactly what it sounds like. Criminals these days are just not the brightest people in the world. A man that attacked Trucker Amos bragged about it the night he did it. Have you ever wondered why someone would commit a crime and then brag to people about what they did? I mean you might as well just step forward an confess if you are going to make people aware of your crimes. I guess this is why they break the law, it seems they are just too stupid to do whats right. It seems this happens allot when it comes to criminals. For example, the guy that is a drug runner from Florida to New York many times will get caught because he is speeding. Why in the world would you drive too fast with 100 pounds of drugs in your trunk? It just doesn’t make sense.

Trucking-News with Ruthann - Dumb Criminals

Carl from the TV show survivor has made it though 8 episodes and is going strong. Carl is the first Trucker to make it onto the show. TalkCDL is rooting for you Carl. Maybe if he wins we can get him to do an interview on our show? Heck even if he dent win he is invited to join us for a podcast.

What else has little Miss Ruthann dug up for this weeks episode of Trucking-News with Ruthann? Ruthann works hard at finding the stories that make an interesting conversation. She is always looking for a story that is trucking related only. If you have news you would like her to share with our viewers please contact her through our Facebook page. Tell her about your story or news event and if possible include pictures or a video of the event.