Semi-Trucks – What the Public Don’t Know!

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Semi-Trucks – What the Public Don’t Know!

Semi-Trucks – What the Public Don’t Know! Haha there are many things that the general public does not know about semi-trucks. Things that we truckers never stop to give second thought to. Things like how much an average semi-truck weighs. To us its second nature but to the general public the weight of a tractor and trailer may just blow their minds.

Semi -Trucks – What the Public don’t know

As truckers around semi trucks every day we are a walking dictionary when it comes to these beautiful big rigs. But to the general public, they just never knew there is so much of a difference when it comes to Trucks and everyday cars. Just the stopping power alone will make a normal person think long and hard about getting in front of a trucker. He/she can only think twice when on the road if he is armed with knowledge.

In this weeks episode we sat down and talked about some general things about semi-trucks are down right surprising. Funny how the public did not know little things like how truckers sleep and live in their trucks. Now thats something when you think about it. The polls are in and yes they never knew our beds are right behind our seat. Did they think we slept in hotels the entire time gone from home? Maybe now they might realize that truckers do not sleep in a normal bed 26 our of so days.

There were also things brought up that most truckers do not know. Like, do you know when the first Semi-Truck was built. Do you know who invented the semi-truck? I bet you did not know that Albert Winton invented the first semi-truck. I also would bet none of you know what the purpose of the first big rig was made for? Click on the play button and find out what the General Public does not know about semi-trucks.