Trucking News with Ruthann 7/29/2018 Recalls Fraud Trucking

Trucking News with Ruthann. In this weeks new, a few certified doctors were caught falsifying physicals and DOT drug screens. Also, Celadon is under the microscope. Plus Recalls. Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freight Liner and International all have recalls you should know about.   The company‚Äôs stock, which in recent days had been trading near a…

Protecting Your CDL from tickets – Moving Violations

Protecting Your Class A CDL is something that many driver never take into consideration when out on the road. There are many ¬†violations that a trucker can get that will sideline his/her career for many years. Even small tickets if too many will hurt a drivers MVR. TalkCDL recently sat down and discussed what is…

Weekly Wrap Up With Ruthann – Embezzlement & Trucking News

Weekly Wrap up with Ruthann. This week features a big shot who is going to prison for embezzlement at a large trucking company. Plus the rule of D.O.T. Medical cards, do we still have to carry them or did the F.M.C.S.A. get it together for the new system and rules? Woman in Trucking and statistics.…

Trucking News, Wrecks and Industry Changes with TalkCDL!

  Join us as TalkCDL discusses the last week of events in Trucking. This week consists of Teenage Truckers. Should kids straight out of high school be playing the OTR driver? Join us as we break it down. Also, do truckers make good protesters?   Source: Overdriver TalkCDL-Facebook TalkCDL weekly wrap-up consists of all past…

New Driver Interview

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An interview with a New Driver. What is going on with Brian and what he sees the industry as...

A True Story: Interview with Mr. Brownstone – Trucking on Heroin!

TalkCDL sat doen in the studio with, for now will call him Mr. Brownstone. Mr. Brownstone is an Over-The-Road Trucker, that recently failed a DOT Drug Screen for Morphine. We talked about his career as a trucker and how he drove across the country while using Heroin. Mr. Brownstone and his girlfriend partied across America…

Weird Crap In Trucking – Trucking Stowaways and More

Interview with The Only Lady Trucker Kelly Mcculley

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Ruthann and Troy met up with kelly Mcculley and her husband Kevin at the Pilot Truck Stop in Wildwood FL for an interview and a Live Video on Facebook. They talked about everything from teaming to Flatbed to Marriage. Join TalkCDL as we interview The Only Lady Trucker Kelly Mcculley.

Abnormal and Exotic Trucking Jobs!

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Have you ever thought of doing something different in trucking. Ever wondered what it would be like to be the trucker for Dale Earnhardt Jr.? Join Troy and Acid while they talk about truckings odd jobs.   TalkCDL is a weekly podcast set to air fridays at 5am. We talk about trucking and trucking only...…

Lies & Half Truths in Trucking – The checks in the mail and you will get home every weekend!

Truckers have to deal with everyone in Trucking. The dispatcher does not deal with everyone, Safety does not deal with everyone, The shipper does not deal with everyone, the receiver doesn't either. The Truck driver has to on a dat to day basis interact with everyone that pertains to trucking. So when everyone lies and…