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Peterbilt W900L Yeah Baby!

Troy and Johnny Acid sat down to talk about basically nothing. In doing so they came up with a new concept, the Peterbilt W900L. Although a new idea but we hardly doubt the makers of the two rigs would be interested in building it.

Peterworth W900L
PeterWorth W900L

Peterbilt makes the model 379 and Kenworth makes a model called the W900L. Combine the two and you have either a really cool idea or you have just two idiots sitting around the studio talking about things they know nothing about.

Johnny Acid is a character invented by Troy Austin. Johnny basically is the guy that everyone wants to make fun of but at the same time we all want to hear what he’s going to say next. Led by host Troy these sit-downs become more than just comical, they become more of a story.

Troy and Johnny have been producing podcasts since early 2017 and the combination has proven to be note worthy. Their following has grown with a listener base from all ages men and woman. Based on the fan mail, these two have a long career entertaining many trucker and non trucker followers.

Covering topics such as Semi truck accidents, winter driving, hiring drivers, drug screens and more, these two always find a way to turn the subject into laughs that will leave you on the edge of you seat.

Based on a giant Facebook page of over 300,000 followers and growing, TalkCDL also has created a niche that compliments the podcast. Watch for the podcast Peterbilt W900L to appear on the Facebook page and the see the reactions.

Tune in and check out this weeks episode of Peterbilt W900L, it is sure to make you laugh and maybe even cry a little. Also watch ro Trucking News with Ruthann. Her new show is growing bigger every week. She talks about semi trucks, driver awards, inspections, driver participations and everything there is to do with the trucking industry.