Protecting Your CDL from tickets – Moving Violations

Protecting Your Class A CDL is something that many driver never take into consideration when out on the road. There are many  violations that a trucker can get that will sideline his/her career for many years. Even small tickets if too many will hurt a drivers MVR.

TalkCDL recently sat down and discussed what is the baddest of bad tickets to watch out for. From Unsafe lane changes to Improper lane changes, it all depends on the wording of the ticket. Truckers should never plead guilty to any violation and should fight it in court. Your driving career is on the line when it comes to certain violations.

Driver getting a ticket

Follow too close, Excessive speed, School zone violations, hand held device, cell phone, Illegal lane change, just to name a few violations that will knock a truck driver out cold.

Join us in this podcast for some suggestions how to keep those MVR’s (Motor Vehicle Reports) clean and safe from suspensions and loss of employment.

What does DOT consider a bad ticket and why? What are what troy describes as “Judgement” tickets by cops? Why is Troy against judgement tickets? How can in onboard inward facing camera help drivers stay innocent of accusations?


Semi Truck Pulled over.
Protecting you CDL

Why is a cell phone ticket one of the worse violations a driver can get? Also what happens when a senior driver with 25 years experience gets knocked out of the industry? How can he get back in after a few years?

Also, is there a difference between a reckless driving ticket and a careless driving ticket? What is the time period that a driver will go through if getting a major CDL violation? Is there hope for a driver with bad tickets? Join us as we breakout all down and try to give advice to all of our brothers and sister drivers out there.

Trucker with Cop
Protecting your CDL

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