Survey – 19 Things that happen to Truckers

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Survey - 19 Things that happen to Truckers In this weeks episode, Ruthann has a survey of 19 things she wants to talk about that happen to truckers. From being paid by the mile to using a CB Radio, these things will make you think. One thing is mileage pay. The concept of paying for…

Trucking-News with Ruthann – Drug Smuggling, Autonomous Braking

Trucking-News with Ruthann Trucking-News this week involves Inspections, Crash ratings, Woman of the year and Autonomous Braking Systems. Also drug smuggling is not worth the time you will do. Ruthann puts her spin on the latest news in the Trucking Industry while putting up with Troy. The science behind automatic braking From fiddling with the…
Trucking News

Trucking News – Weekly Wrap Up with Ruthann 7-7-2018

Trucking News and the weekly wrap up with Ruthann. This week Inspections are hitting drivers in a different way. Now that E-logs have come on the scene there is less violations. Therefore DOT is having to find new ways to fine Truckers. Doing a Pre-trip and a post trip will help drivers avoid new…

Protecting Your CDL from tickets – Moving Violations

Protecting Your Class A CDL is something that many driver never take into consideration when out on the road. There are many ¬†violations that a trucker can get that will sideline his/her career for many years. Even small tickets if too many will hurt a drivers MVR. TalkCDL recently sat down and discussed what is…

Weekly Wrap Up With Ruthann – Embezzlement & Trucking News

Weekly Wrap up with Ruthann. This week features a big shot who is going to prison for embezzlement at a large trucking company. Plus the rule of D.O.T. Medical cards, do we still have to carry them or did the F.M.C.S.A. get it together for the new system and rules? Woman in Trucking and statistics.…

Part 3 National Carriers Interview – A Look Inside Part 3

Join us for Part 3 of our interview with a large trucking company in Irving TX just outside of Dallas. We sat down with a few drivers and just talked. We sat with Rick Ham the director of recruiting and picked his brain a little but mainly we wanted to hear what drivers were saying.…

Part 2 – National Carriers – A Look Inside Part 2

Part 2 of our trip to National Carriers in Irving TX. We sat with a dispatcher and a driver and just talked openly. Join us as we hang out with this large trucking company in Texas.¬† Trucking Jobs and every thing trucking is what National Carriers is about.

Where would you go?

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Truckers are often in new and exciting places but do they go back when they find a place they really like? Does a trucker ever fall in love with a place and return and buy land there? Does he ever go back to a place for vacation once has been thru there for a brief…

Too Good To Be True – Truck Drivers Wanted

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Too Good To Be True - Truck Drivers Wanted, One Million Dollar Sign On Bonus!. Are trucking companies baiting drivers in? Have you been lied to by a recruiter? If an ad seems too good to be true then it probably is. If you are tired of being chased only to be disappointed tune into…

A True Story: Interview with Mr. Brownstone – Trucking on Heroin!

TalkCDL sat doen in the studio with, for now will call him Mr. Brownstone. Mr. Brownstone is an Over-The-Road Trucker, that recently failed a DOT Drug Screen for Morphine. We talked about his career as a trucker and how he drove across the country while using Heroin. Mr. Brownstone and his girlfriend partied across America…

Interview with Jesse Weeks, A Fresh 2 Month Experienced Driver

The first interview had an audio Problem but it has been corrected. We sat down and interviewed a young driver and talked about many things. Join the pod and let us know how we did.Trucking starts with new drivers and Jesse sat down and opened up to TalkCDL and told us everything.  

An Interview With Gordo – Bizarre

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TalkCDL interviewed Gorda a long time Trucker that is against the establishment. Gordon is an interesting man and has many views on trucking, the United States Government and different cultures around the world.   Join TalkCDL as we sit down with the infamous Gordo