Trucking-News W/Ruthann Trafficking & Protecting

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Trucking-News W/Ruthann Trafficking & Protecting

Trafficking & Protecting. Human Trafficking is a serious and major problem today. Trucking-News W/Ruthann Trafficking & Protecting yourself from bad guys. The trucking industry is getting involved all across the country. With law enforcement and truckers teaming up to spot possible traffickers, we are closing in on the bad guys. Get involved with your local authorities and make a difference today.

Troy is aways beating himself up. Tune in and hear whats ticking him off this week and you won’t believe what it is. Plus hear his advise on how to secure yourself while on the road. He talked about how a few cheap simple tools from a hardware store can beef up security in your semi truck. Trafficking & Protecting yourself episode can change the way you view being along on the road.

Trafficking & Protecting

Trafficking & Protecting! When you got your Class A CDL did you have to change your license to a state that you did not I’ve in? This of course would not be considered your domicile state. Ruthann has a segment she will be talking about for new drivers that are going through the process of getting their CDL. There are now some Carriers or Trucking Companies that are exempt from having to make a driver change their license to a different state. Drivers that have to change their license have to go through the hassle of paying for a CDL in a different state then their domicile. Once they return to their state of domicile they are forced to yet spend more money on making their CDL Legal in a sense.

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