Transporting a Child, Bad Trucker! Stupidity at its best!

Transporting a Child!

Transporting a Child, Bad trucker! When anyone transports a child across state lines it becomes a federal offense and you will be in big trouble once you are caught. A Truck driver picked up a 14 year old girl at a truck stop and proceeded to transport the girl through several states until authorities were able to stop the rig!

Transporting a Child
Bad trucker

Once in custody the girl reported that the driver gave her pot and as she described, put some drops on her tongue! The girl was living at a group home in MI and was very much a minor. A grown man should never have even given thought to putting a young girl in his truck. What was he thinking? Nothing good could come from this situation.

The driver is now facing numerous charges and will most likely lose his job and be like a black sheep in the industry the rest of his life. No good employer in his right mind will give a guy like this a chance. Once you do something like this it becomes “Negligent hiring practices” if a company is to give him a chance and no company is going to risk their entire business for a driver that is either evil or just plane stupid!

There are certain things that you can not do as a trucker. One of those things is having any ties to a child in a bad way. Transporting a Child is a ┬ásituation that scares trucking companies and their lawyers. Our advice is to stay clear of any situation that involves a minor. If a child asks for a ride, make sure you have their identification showing they are of age. Also don’t forget to always get permission from your company. Unauthorized passengers are always grounds for termination.