Trucking News – Weekly Wrap Up with Ruthann 7-7-2018

Trucking News and the weekly wrap up with Ruthann. This week Inspections are hitting drivers in a different way. Now that E-logs have come on the scene there is less violations. Therefore DOT is having to find new ways to fine Truckers.

Beaching Trucker
Trucker Beach Bound – Trucking News

Doing a Pre-trip and a post trip will help drivers avoid new tactics. Make sure of leaks and seal before your next trip. Drivers should inspect lights and tires also. Make your company keep the truck free of fines. Drivers will pay a heavy price if they are not complying with DOT rules.

Operation Safe Driver Week, an annual enforcement spree put on by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, is set this year for July 15-21.

During the blitz inspectors will be hitting on Seat Belt Violators, Traffic Violators, and all compliances. Pay attention to these violations  this week which  include speeding, distracted driving, texting, failure to use a seat belt, following too closely, improper lane change, failure to obey traffic control devices and more. Of which are all major violations that can cost truckers money, job loss and or suspensions.

Also The Trucker that went to the beach…

A truck driver took a ride on the wild side after his GPS apparently led him onto a North Carolina beach.

The driver of the Interstate Van Lines truck told news reporters he was supposed to be driving south on Route 12 Monday but somehow ended up travelling north. He tried to find a place to turn around but instead reached the end of the road – quite literally – and ended up stuck on the beach in Corolla, North Carolina, a small village in the Outer Banks.

This and more News in Trucking on this weeks TalkCDL’s Weekly Wrap up with Ruthann. Thank you for all you posters, Love Much!